YASH has been a pioneer in providing custom made and specially designed solutions across the Industry, be it the Transformer OEMs or directly to the end users such as Generating/Transmission Substations.

There are many products in service which are either near the end of their service life or have developed some deficiencies and require replacement, however the end users face challenges as the original supplier have either discontinued those designs or have all together exited the market.

We recently executed one such high current bushing order, the design of which has now been obsoleted by the original bushing manufacturer. The end user which is a Nuclear Power Generating Substation welcomed this ditto interchangeable 5500 A High Current bushing with customised connectors by YASH which gave an extended life to their old transformer by replacing the existing bushing.

In the true spirit of “Made In India For The World”, YASH High voltage is proud to announce another successful supply of a specialised 36 kV 16000 A high current bushing solution this time for a Combined Cycle gas turbine power plant around 9000 miles away.

YASH, being an independent manufacturer solely focussing on transformer bushings, YASH possesses the ability to offer flexible and highly customizable solutions to all customers alike be it the Transformer OEMs or the end users and power developers. Whether the requirement is for a few bushings or for many, the lean and responsive team at YASH is able to cater them with an equal conviction and attention while keeping costs well optimised to provide a niche competitive edge to customers in Industry best lead times.

Yash is proud to announce availability of it's brand new OIP condenser bushing range as per IEEE - from 25kV upto 161 kV Voltages, in addition to the well established IEC product range from 24kV upto 170kV.

We are happy to add another supply reference of 69 kV 800A 534BCT OIP Condenser bushings as per IEEE C57.19.00/01 standard for a transformer customer in the AMERICAs.

Tribute to the inspirational Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative, with our premium range of bushings manufactured right here in India, we invite inquiries of global transformer manufacturers exporting to the USA/LATAM/Canadian/European/African/Middle Eastern/GCC/South East Asia and other markets where you require IEEE/IEC style OIP condenser bushings. These products are available in brown/grey porcelain or grey polymeric silicon hollow insulators, suited as per the customer requirement.


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