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Since 2012, YASH together with MGC has represented as an Indian manufacturer in many domestic & global exhibitions held in Germany, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Dubai, Middle East to name a few, and has successfully exported Indian made products to more than 50 countries now.

Yash Highvoltage shines at #Elecrama 2023: A Fruitful and Enlightening Experience
Yash Highvoltage at All Energy Expo 2023
Yash Highvoltage and Ink Energy at FISE Fair 2023
Yash Highvoltage at Egypt Energy
Yash Highvoltage at CWIEME Berlin, 2024: An unforgettable event filled with interesting dialogs and meeting peers and prospects!
A memorable experience at IEEE PES T&D Conference & Expo 2024 packed with insights and collaborations!!


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