Technology Synergism with MGC

Swiss Quality Coupled
with Indian Reliability

For the last 18 years, YASH High Voltage has been delivering innovative and highly critical solutions to the power industry for indigenous HV OIP and High current bushings. Since 2016, we have leaped ahead to scale greater heights and deliver world-class quality RIP/RIS bushings by partnering with MOSER GLASER AG, Switzerland the pioneer in the field of solid insulation worldwide.

Headquartered at Basel, Switzerland, MGC Moser Glaser AG is an established manufacturer of RIP/RIS bushings upto to 550kV and RIP Busbar systems upto 170kV 8000A capacity. The company was established in 1914, and today with more than 100 years of rich experience and know-how behind them in the HV and EHV field along with a global client base, Moser Glaser a Pfiffner Group company is one of the technology leaders in this sector. Our association with MGC brings to our global experience and expertise and further strengthens our position in the international marketplace. Moser Glaser shares with YASH several connections, as a technology partner, a supplier and most importantly as a strong Equity Partner, adding immense value to the organizational structure, combining Swiss Engineering with Indian ingenuity.


Charting New Growth Maps with the Pfiffner Group

Internationally Positioned Global
Manufacturer of Instrument Transformers

The PFIFFNER GROUP, founded in 1927 and headquartered in Hirschthal, Switzerland, is a globally renowned manufacturer of high-quality, niche Instrument transformers up to 550 kV capacity, for customers in power generation, transmission and distribution. With manufacturing units located in Switzerland, Germany, Brazil and Turkey, PFIFFNER has grown in reputation as an internationally positioned global manufacturer that is constantly advancing with new manufacturing technologies and product innovations. MGC Moser Glaser is also a PFIFFNER Group company.

Charting new growth maps, as of 2018, PFIFFNER Group has also established a unit in Nashik, India under the name Pfiffner Instrument Transformers India . The Indian manufacturing unit, at present, has a state-of-the-art setup for Instrument transformers up to 420 kV, wherein Mr. Keyur Shah MD Yash Highvoltage Ltd. is also a stake holder and part of the management team as Director. PFIFFNER recently made a power packed acquisition of the world renowned Haefely Test Systems to their Group companies.


Collaboration with the H-J FamilyWorld-Class Products of
International Reputation

YASH has tied up with The HJ Family of Companies, a renowned name in the USA, with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for IEEE range of distribution class bushings in porcelain or epoxy, PAD mounted transformers and a wide range of transformer components.


A rapidly growing network of Agents globally

We are within your Reach…Always

YASH is expanding rapidly across the globe through an established network of international agents/local representatives and continues to explore strong agency partnerships. We constantly seek reliable partners/representatives who can complement us in expanding our business in their respective regions/countries.


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