Quality Focus

Robust Engineering, Detailed Design

The critical operational requirements for transformer bushings warrant detailed attention towards quality.

At YASH, we have implemented and established a stringent ISO 9001:2015 quality management system across all levels of our operations framework. Our goal is to achieve EMS and OHSAS certifications in the next financial year.

In-depth Expertise - Our Key Differentiator

YASH has some of the brightest and most experienced minds in the industry working on our products and delivering quality excellence.

Our team of experts have in between them more than 100 years of combined experience hailing from the best in Transformer bushings, Power Transformers, Instrument Transformers and High-voltage Substation Engineering and allied fields, having spent distinguished careers with notable MNCs and Utilities within India as well as Europe.

Deployment of industry best 3D Computer-Aided modelling coupled with Finite Element Method (FEM) simulations for design calculations and analysis delivers the ultimate in prototype development and design validation at YASH.

The complete range of bushings is further type tested in accordance with IEC/IEEE standards at accredited test laboratories, thus providing an unquestionable seal of trust to our engineering prowess and principles.

Stringent Quality Checks

Our constantly evolving quality culture is now a lean system of checks and balances with numerous customer audits and compliances that meet the needs of major global MNCs producing Power transformers upto 765kV class.

Our quality systems today have catapulted to benchmarked global standards through meeting the full-scale plant and product inspections criteria of discerning end-users such as Power Grid, NTPC, NPCIL and RDSO and many more utilities.

Our quality assurance and procurement department work with our vendors and supply chain partners to closely monitor their test protocols in addition to incoming material quality checks through a number of internalized record formats and acceptance criteria.

Our incoming materials are subjected to:

  • Hydro/Helium testing of aluminium castings
  • Electrical conductivity measurement for high conductivity alloys
  • In-house Hardness testing of metal parts/alloys and rubber components such as Orings
  • Electroplating thickness testing
  • Coating integrity checks at High Voltage using 20kV Poroscope
    to name a few

Best in Class Sub-Vendors

At YASH, we have developed a best in class vendor management system to identify and develop our sub-vendors for various raw materials. Special focus is given to selecting established brands/makes for the supply of best-in-class material.

Each vendor/supplier is subjected to a vendor approval process including regular inspection at their factory, random quality checks, sampling and testing at accredited TPL.

Active Part/Condenser Core winding

At YASH, active part/condenser core winding is a highly-controlled process in a clean, dust-free and ambient controlled winding bay, where each winding step for every core is monitored and recorded.

Oil Processing and Checks

Oil processing and filling of bushings are controlled through a series of tests and checks such as Breakdown voltage (BDV), Oil PPM, Oil Dissipation factor (Tangent delta) and Resistivity before active part impregnation and flooding of OIP bushings.

Ambient Controlled Assembly

Condenser bushings require a highly clean, moisture and dust-free manufacturing setup.

OIP and RIP bushing assembly at YASH is carried out in ambient-controlled, enclosed and dust-free assembly areas with due monitoring of particle count inside the areas to ensure a clean and well-controlled assembly process.

Leak Testing

We have set the bar high in terms of the OIP bushing pressure test, by application of 70% higher than standard defined pressure limits for prolonged continuous time, higher than standard defined time parameters for each OIP bushing.

RIP bushings are leak tested by use of SCADA based fully automatic and highly sensitive helium leak detection system.

The established pressure testing procedures yield excellent first pass yield at the factory level and prolonged satisfactory leakproof performance at the site.

HV Test lab and High Powered Impulse lab

Our state-of-the-art Electromagnetically Shielded HV Laboratory yields ambient discharge levels of <2 pC, and has been set up with Partial Discharge Measurement Equipment from globally renowned Omicron test systems.

In-house Test Capability Electrical:

  • High Voltage Testing 505kV
  • Impulse Testing Facility 1500kVp
  • Partial Discharge Evaluation
  • Capacitance and Tan Delta Measurements

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