Comprehensive Transformer Bushing Parts Retrofit Solutions

for a long transformer service life

Replacing faulty bushings on a transformer is extremely crucial since faulty bushings can lead to substantial damage to the transformer and the immediate vicinity.

Our core focus and extensive experience on transformer bushings, has powered us with the ability to offer flexible and highly customizable retrofit bushing solutions. At YASH, we have proven our ability to be a large-scale supplier of standard design IEC/ IEEE bushings. We have also gone beyond to become a comprehensive solution provider for highly sought after repairs/ replacements and Retrofit solutions to old/existing transformer bushings parts of any reputed global make, which may have developed deficiencies/damage over years of service or have been damaged during transportation/handling/commissioning or long term storage at the site.

Globally there are numerous solution providers for Power Transformer repairs and overhauling, but YASH remains unrivalled in providing retrofit/repair solutions specific to transformer bushings, and this capability is well appreciated and welcomed by global Utilities / Power Substations/EPCs and transformer repairing / overhauling enterprises.

We achieve this through a team of dedicated and experienced Service and Retrofit Engineers, leaving nothing to chance right from the site visit and evaluation of the existing products, the study of old drawings, detailed engineering, and offering ditto interchangeable solutions as well as working closely with the customer to identify interchangeability needs.

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Salient Features

Interchangeable Solutions Possible for OIP to OIP, OIP to RIP (Resin Impregnated Paper) Bushings and OIP to RIS (Resin Impregnated Synthetic) Bushings!

1) Giving a unique opportunity for discerning End users and Transmission utilities to take advantage of the latest dry type bushing technologies of RIP/RIS, to exchange with existing OIP bushings installed on a transformer at the site, thereby offering the unique advantages of highly safe and reliable dry-type bushings on the existing transformer.

2) Excellent customization/retrofit potential.

3) Ability to interchange, to a large extent in terms of Mounting, BCT, Oil end length, Creepage, Terminations amongst other things.

4) Whether the requirement is to procure a few or many bushings, we deliver.

5) Swift development times for non-standard designs and parts. In house capability to test and assess new designs, including Impulse testing, Temperature rise testing and Cantilever testing.

6) Highly competitive solutions.

7) Ability to visit the site for physical evaluation and measurements, if drawings are not available.

8) Engineering consultation with customer’s technical team, to arrive at interchangeable options.

9) Full standard warranty offered on bushings supplied as a retrofit to the existing bushing.

YASH - India supplied India’s first localized 145kV RIS (Resin Impregnated Synthetic) BUSHING – Operational at a premiere utility site in the Eastern part of India for over 3 years now. The RIS bushings were supplied to replace existing 145 kV OIP bushings on an old transformer, retrofitted to match the exact dimensions of the existing OIP bushings. This retrofit RIS solution has provided an extended life for the transformer, offering the utility considerable savings.

Many utility customers are now considering retrofit/replacement of the old bushing fleet with the latest RIP/RIS dry bushing solutions. Since Yash possess the ability to customize and offer ditto interchangeability of the RIP/RIS bushings with the existing OIP bushing, it is also possible to replace a single faulty bushing/s from one or two of the 3 phases, and the other phases can still operate with existing bushings without any difficulty. A similar example of Y-phase having 245kV Retrofitted RIP bushing and R-B phase with existing old OIP bushings is visible in the image here. This unique ability opens a wide array of possibilities for end-users looking to slowly phase out their conventional bushing fleet with innovative retrofitted dry bushing solutions.

145kV OIP bushings retrofitted to replace existing OIP bushings having tan delta issues – at a renowned Aluminium Plant in Central India.

Specialized retrofitted bushings for 36kV & 52kV 1250A OIP condenser bushings for a renowned Transmission utility in Central India

Retrofit solutions to Designs obsoleted by the Original bushing OEMs, with variety of termination and dimensional customizations

On-site / Off-site Bushing Technical Testing & Analysis Services

Through our dedicated Services team, we offer on-site “Capacitance and Tan Delta” test services for Transformer Bushings for the purpose of condition monitoring and early fault detection, with help of a State-of-the-art Portable test kit. Given our expertise as a dedicated manufacturer of Transformer Bushings for over 20 years our team of engineers possess the ability not only to test / assess the bushing but also to add immense value in providing on the spot recommendations for the line of action as regarding the correction or solution of the issue detected, if any. These services are available for Transformer Bushings of any globally reputed make.

We also make our comprehensive in-house test laboratories available to customers who seek a complete routine testing / technical evaluation of any existing bushing to determine its health.

On-site / Off-site Bushing Repairing Services

Transformer Bushings, especially ones having porcelain insulators are critical components that require utmost care in handling, transportation, storage, erection and overall also during maintenance/routine operation. We come across several situations wherein bushings get damaged due to various causes. Through our services team, we offer specialized bushing repair solutions that include but are not limited to

  • Porcelain replacement
  • Complete overhauling of the bushing
  • Silicon Insulator shed repair
  • Part replacements

And many more…

Damaged Silicone sheds at site

Repaired Silicone sheds on-site

145kV OIP bushing with transit damage to Air end porcelain

Porcelain part replacement, Bushing refurbished and supplied after complete routine testing

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