Insulation : Oil-impregnated paper/ Oil filled - Hermetically Sealed/Oil Communicating

Application : Transformer - Outdoor

Type : Oil to Air

Rated Voltage : 24 kV 52 kV**

Rated Current : upto 25000 A

Standard : IEC 60137:2017/IEEE C.57.19.00/01

Conductor : Aluminum / Copper

** Special / Higher voltage ratings also available upon request

Through customer-focused innovation, our avant-garde High Current Bushings have been engineered to provide a fine performance in Generation station transformer applications across India and globally. Available in voltage classes from 24 kV to 52 kV with current ratings from 4000 A to 25000 A, our bushings are resilient to endure aggressive applications.

The range is fully type tested at ILAC-accredited test laboratories, and possess a high level of customization potential based on the customer s needs for dimensions and interchangeability. Drawings for specific models are available upon request

  • Rated Voltage: 24 kV ~ 52 kV*
  • Rated Current: 4000 A ~ 25000 A
  • Standard - IEC-60137:2017 OR IEEE C.57.19.00/01
  • Types: Oil filled/Communicating/OIP Condenser
  • Conductor: Aluminium/Copper
  • Insulation: Oil-impregnated paper/ Oil filled Hermetically sealed/ Oil Communicating
  • Application: Transformer Outdoor
  • Type: Oil to Air
  • Rated Voltage 24 kV- 52 kV
  • Rated Current up to 20000 A
  • Standard: IEC 60137: 2017/ IEEE C57.19.00/01

All our standard models are type tested at ILAC/NABL Accredited laboratories as per IEC-60137/IEEE C57.19.00/01. For any fresh type test requests, we request you to approach us on an individual basis and we can work out a techno-commercial solution suitable for you.

  • Exact interchangeability with global reputed makes
  • Robust solid rod construction with oil end termination integrally milled on conductor
  • No joint on the conductor below the top cap level
  • SS Helicoil inserts on oil end termination holes to enable direct bolting of transformer lead for Aluminium design bushings
  • Manufacturing and field experience of more than 4000 Bushings upto 20kA
  • Finely graded Capacitive insulation for optimum electrical field distribution
  • Partial discharge free and low dissipation factor
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • High seismic and short circuit load withstand capacity
  • Self-cleaning alternate shed profile according to IEC
  • Viton material O-rings for oil sealing
  • Provision of test tap for insulation health monitoring
  • Highly customizable design in terms of mounting and terminal connection
  • Provision for accommodating special CT pocket length requirements
  • Suitable for Bus-duct operation
  • Shortest lead time industry-wide
  • High strength porcelain as per IEC 60815
  • The Bushings comply with IEC 60137 standard s performance requirements for application in GSU power transformers, station transformer, unit auxiliary transformers & others
  • The main component of Bushing for OIP Insulated Bushings is the Active part and is manufactured using insulating kraft paper wound around a solid conductor. OIP condenser core is standard from 36kV onwards but is available for a lower voltage upon request
  • During paper winding, aluminium foils are embedded in the paper, co-axially at pre-calculated locations to optimise the radial and axial electrical field along the bushing
  • After winding, the paper core is dried under vacuum at elevated temperatures and subsequently impregnated with high-quality vacuum dried and degassed Insulating mineral oil
  • For Oil Insulated Bushings, the oil serves as major insulation
  • The bushing is assembled in a controlled environment and filled under vacuum with vacuum dried and degassed Insulating Mineral oil
  • After oil filling, each Bushing is subjected to oil overpressure test for verification of joint sealing
  • The appropriate cushion is incorporated post pressure test on top of oil level to allow for expansion, and the space is purged with high purity Nitrogen before sealing
  • All bushings are tested in accordance with IEC 60137

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