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YASH has a strong track record of providing world-class bushings to clients in India and across the globe. Our goal is to deliver tailor-made solutions that cater to the specific needs of Industries, Utilities, and to deliver the best value proposition


Bushings Supplied Globally


End User Approvals

Global Installation Base in




OEMs served

More than


standardized model type tests

Highest current rating supplied

25,000 A

130+ years

of combined experience of transformer bushing technology 

Today YASH is a unanimous choice across all major transmission/generation utilities, power producers, EPCs and OEMs in India and abroad. These include all major state utilities and private power producers in India like:




(National Thermal Power Corporation)


(Reliance Industries Limited)


(Indian Railways)




(Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd.)

36kV 3150A OIP bushings with Polymer insulator for export to Italy


Our profound knowledge and expertise make us synonymous with a comprehensive solution provider of all combinations of OIP/RIP/RIS bushing solutions, catering to all insulator materials, international standards, and even extensive customization options for mounting and terminations.

Few of our innovative solutions include:

High Current Bushings up to 25,000 Amperes for Generation Station Transformers.*
High Voltage Oil to Air/Air to Air/Oil to Oil Type OIP Condenser Bushings/Wall bushings up to 245kV.*
High Voltage Air to Oil, Dry type RIP & RIS Condenser Bushings up to 245kV (under equity partnership with MGC Moser Glaser Switzerland)**
Highly customized and special bushings as retrofit and replacement for existing and old transformer bushings of any reputed global make.

*External envelope available in Porcelain (Grey/Brown), or Polymer Silicone (Grey), Standard: IEC 60137:2017/IEEE C57.19.00/01

**External envelope available in Polymer Silicone Grey, Standard: IEC 60137:2017


Bushings Benchmarkedto International Standards

Bushings are small, yet critical components of the transformer. The failure of a bushing can prove to be catastrophic not just for the transformer and other equipment in a Power substation, but also for human lives. Recognising that, we dedicate our best resources, materials, research and innovation to ensuring the highest reliability of these critically engineered components.


Delivering ExcellenceThrough Expertise

Our unrelenting focus at YASH is on perfecting our design and engineering, manufacturing process quality, strengthening our supply chain as well as upgrading the knowledge quotient of our highly-qualified manpower. As a result, over the last 20 years, more than 30,000 bushings have been satisfactorily supplied and are under operation across numerous transmission substations and power generation plants globally.


Superior ProductDevelopment and Type Testing

The critical operational requirements for transformer bushings necessitate a meticulous focus on quality and testing. One of the notable strengths of YASH is its swiftness in product development and type testing.

The complete YASH range of bushings is type-tested at ILAC accredited test laboratories, with more than 100 standardized model-type tests readily available, this contributes to an exceptionally efficient user acceptance process.

ERDA Lab Report

Pfiffner Switzerland Test Report

69kV 1250A 584 BCT OIP bushings as per -
IEEE standard, for Export to Latin America

Solutions for theIEEE market

With an offering of a diverse range of IEEE style OIP condenser bushings from 25kV upto 230kV fully compliant with IEEE C57.19.00/01 standard, customers catering to the rapidly expanding Power infrastructure demand USA/LATAM market have come to appreciate supplies from a reliable and established global brand like YASH.


High-Class Raw Materials,Flawless Manufacturing

A bushing is as good as its material robustness and manufacturing process. We are committed to delivering the finest quality and utmost long-term reliability of these critical products.

For this, we have meticulously established a highly efficient and cost-effective supply chain, which delivers best-in-industry material grades and equipment.


Delivering IndustryBest lead Times

Transformer bushings are considered among the long lead items for transformer deliveries. Furthermore, in the event of a site outage or emergency caused by bushing failure, the process of replacement can be both time-consuming and expensive.

That is why we at YASH have robust planning, supply chain and inventory management systems to ensure the fastest lead times. For this, we have partnered with industry-leading logistics solution providers to ensure that our products reach even the remotest locations by sea, air or road in time.

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