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BCT Space


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Creepage Distance Required


Type of Requirement (In case of replacement/repairing/testing requirements, please share the drawing of the existing bushing)

Annexure - 1

L1 (Air end length, mm)

L2 (Oil end length, mm)

L3 (Minimum CT space, mm)

L4 (Minimum Connection Length, mm)

D1 (Oil end side max dia, mm)

D2 (Electrode max dia, mm)

D3 (Minimum tube inside dia. For draw lead dia), mm)

D4 (Mounting flange OD, mm)

D5 (Mounting flange PCD, mm)

D6 (Air end terminal dia, mm)

N * D7(Mounting hole & Size)

International Standard

Air end Insulator Type

Air end Insulator Color

End Use equipment / Application

Type of Bushing

Will the bushing be installed in the busduct.

Annexure - 2

Is bus duct a naturally cooled type bus duct or force cooled?

What is the maximum temperature of Air inside the bus duct during operation?

What is the maximum top oil temperature of the transformer during operation?

What is the maximum operating current/load current of the transformer?

What is the maximum ambient air temperature?

Other details

Mounting Angle required from vertical

Altitude of Operation

Ambient Temperature range

Any other important details / specific requirements

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