Who We Are

Transformation ThroughInnovation

The need for power is perpetual; and for an aspiring country like India, we need constant innovation in power infrastructure equipment to transform our nation. That is where YASH is powering ahead with Made in India critical components of world-class quality ensuring our country's future is brighter.

Yash Highvoltage Ltd. (YASH), established in 2002, is an ISO 9001 company and an independent, indigenous manufacturer of HV and EHV Condenser graded transformer bushings (High voltage and High current) with more than 35,000 bushings performing satisfactorily globally.

In a short span of 20 years, YASH have emerged as one of the preferred partners catering to the upper segment of the Power Transformer Industry (generation as well as transmission) across India and abroad.

Transformer Bushings Annually

YASH has continuously expanded its manufacturing facility and product range to reach a volume of more than 8000 transformer bushings annually, with the capability to serve major volumes of transformer OEMs globally.

With our unwavering commitment, adaptable high-quality solutions, impressive turnaround time, and competitive pricing, YASH is on the approved vendor lists of most utilities, power producers, EPCs, and OEMs in India and abroad.

A Nimble & Agile Manufacturer

At YASH, we believe that grasping our customers' expectations right from the outset is crucial for delivering products of exceptional quality.

Being an independent manufacturer solely focused on bushings, and not being part of a larger transformer manufacturing group, we at YASH offer flexible and highly customizable solutions to all customers alike. Whether the requirement is for a limited quantity of bushings or a substantial volume, we approach each with equal dedication and focus. Our commitment to cost-effectiveness involves stringent control of overheads, ensuring optimal costs, and transparently passing on maximum benefits to our customers.

In 2016, YASH became the first and only Indian manufacturer to localize the production of niche Dry type-Resin Impregnated Paper Condenser bushings under technology from Moser Glaser (MGC), Switzerland - pioneers of RIP technology since the1960s, who introduced RIP technology to the world. Moser Glaser is a Pfiffner Group company, Pfiffner being globally renowned as manufacturers of niche Instrument transformers upto 550kV headquartered at Hirschthal-Switzerland.

Key Highlights

  • Power Grid approved manufacturer in India for import substitute Resin Impregnated Paper (RIP) & Resin Impregnated Synthetic (RIS) bushings, locally made by YASH under Swiss technology from Moser Glaser.
  • Only Indian company offering retrofit/interchangeable bushing solutions for reputed global bushing makes.
  • Equity Partnership with Swiss giant Moser Glaser AG (A Pfiffner Group Company).
  • Exporting Indian made bushings at par with European and American quality standards, hence contributing to export and "Make in India" initiative.
  • Broken the monopoly and set a benchmark for import substitutes in transformer bushings for India.
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