Economy driving heavy industries like Sugar, Steel, Cement, and many others that have continuous batches of production require a continuous power supply.

Transformer bushings being a critical and major component in the power supply chain, their failure lead to disruptions/outages and heavy production losses.

In one such incident, one of India’s largest auto-grade steel manufacturer having roots in Eastern Region encountered a crisis of an emergency breakdown in the existing LV high current bushings on their Generator step-up transformers.

Yash Highvoltage Ltd. being an experienced and renowned player in providing out-and-out transformer bushing solutions, including repairing, and retrofitting with an interchangeable solution to existing bushings of any reputed international make; helped them by manufacturing and supplying a ditto interchangeable High current Copper condenser bushing of 24kV 12,500 Amperes

The 24kV 12,500A LV HC bushings match all the peculiar specifications of their existing old imported make bushings with exact dimensions in terms of mounting, BCT, Oil end length, Creepage, and Termination. The set of bushings is now successfully operational at the steel plant, having given new life to the transformer.

Yash Highvoltage and M/s. MGC Moser Glaser actively made its presence felt at the renowned Coil Winding & Electrical Manufacturing Exhibition – CWIEME 2022 held at MESSE Berlin between 10th – 12th May 2022.

The show was a super success as we received an immense response and a good number of walk-ins all three days of the exhibition.

Our booth was visited by erudite customers and prospects from major Transformer OEMs, Utilities, EPC Contractors, and Consultants from Berlin and nearby regions.

Mr. Nirav Patel (GM Business Operations, Yash Highvoltage Ltd.) quoted, “We always look forward to exhibit at CWIEME as it is visited by many intuitive visitors from Power & Energy industry. The three-day exhibition was a huge success for us this year as well, and it feels good to catch up with our customers after such a long break!”

We all from Yash & Moser Glaser team want to thank each & every patron for taking out their time and marking their presence at our booth.

We shall continue to provide the indigenously developed world-class Transformer Bushings and their smart solutions & rapid service to Power & Energy industry. 

In our continual efforts to share knowledge and educate our patrons and users of our products with the latest technological advancements in the Electrical Industry, YASH Highvoltage Ltd along with our partner M/s. MGC Moser Glaser arranged a series of seminars across India on the latest Solid Insulation technology for transmission of energy in medium and high voltage equipment, such as transformer - switchgear connections or generator – generator breaker – transformer connections.

During this event we were happy to share possibilities of various applications for RIP busbar systems by MGC and localized RIP bushings including retrofit solutions to a distinguished audience comprising of noteworthy End Users, Consultants and Contractors of the country.

Solid insulated busbars provide a safe, reliable, compact, maintenance free and a fully electrically shielded solution against a cable connection or conventional air-insulated busbars. The individually insulated busbars are simple and quick to assemble and guarantee a long and maintenance-free operation, since each component passes through a routine test and therefore is delivered without any partial discharge.

YASH’s inaugural stall at MEE along with our partner M/s. MGC Moser Glaser was greeted with great response from discerning customers including some of the major Transformer OEMs, Utilities, EPC Contractors and Consultants in the Middle East at the recently convened Middle East Energy Exhibition at Dubai between 7th – 9th March.

Our booth was visited by many existing as well as new customers and potential partners and we thank all our patrons for taking out the time tio visit us. It was a surreal experience to return to physical exhibitions after such a long break due to COVID and to meet up with friends, customers and representatives after such a long time.

With the goal of “Made In INDIA for the WORLD” YASH continue to reach out and serve the global customers with the indigenously developed world class Transformer Bushings and we invite Inquiries from our global customers.

A full set of YASH Highvoltage Ltd. make RIP bushings from 220kV, 145kV, 72.5kV and 36kV for HV, LV, HV Neutral and LV Neutral installed and performing satisfactorily on a beautiful 100 MVA transformer of one of discerning OEM customers, at a prestigious EHV substation site in Western India.

The customer has commissioned the transformer since 1 year and was glad to provide a positive performance feedback on the YASH make RIP bushings upto 245 kV performing satisfactorily since 1 year of commissioning.

There are now several positive references of YASH make RIP bushings performing nation wide on commissioned transformers, many of which are operational for more than 3-4 years now.

With more than 4000 localised RIP bushings now under operation pan INDIA and also abroad on Indian transformers, our customers have now well accepted brand YASH for their needs on RIP/RIS bushings.

In 2022 we marked a major milestone by addition of a state-of-the-art EHV test lab capable of efficient throughput and swift handling and testing of large volumes upto 245 kV rated bushings. The addition of this lab now makes available a total of 2 in house test facilities enabling excellent lead times and cater bulk requirements for the rapidly growing demand for transformer bushings globally.

A transformer bushing acts as a critical exit and entry pathway to conduct power safely from/to High voltage Power lines in an out of a Power Transformer, while providing sealing to prevent contact of Transformer Oil with Air.

Bushing failures constitute the third largest cause of transformer failures globally and this is one of the key reasons why it takes a significant effort and the combination of a wide array of resources to establish as a trusted solution provider for these critical components.

With 20,000+ products successfully executed, YASH has now emerged as a niche and trusted player among a list of very few globally reputed transformer bushings manufacturing MNCs.

We thank all our patrons, suppliers, team members and stake holders for supporting us in achieving this milestone and look forward to creating many more like this in the coming years.

We are proud to announce the execution and supply of a prestigious export consignment of 170kV, 145kV and 72.5kV "OIP Capacitive bushings with Polymer/Silicone insulators" to a prestigious Transformer customer in "Italy" for end use with the prestigious "Italian Railways". YASH’s Sales and Engineering teams were extensively with the transformer customer during detailed engineering stage to arrive at an interchangeable solution to meet the customer’s stringent specifications including high altitude applications and could offer a design at par globally reputed European bushings suppliers.

The order was executed in a record time of 3 months despite being non-standard and special in nature and despite the challenges posed by COVID pandemic and the related delays.

Transformer bushings - "Made in India - Made for the World"

Knowledge sharing about critical accessories of Power transformers, such as Bushings thorough webinar organised by IEEMA (Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturer Association)

YASH could recently export a consignment of 123 kV 800A 0 BCT OIP bushing with special arrangement for retrofitting with the customer's specification as a replacement to existing bushings at site. The bushings are enroute now on a 15000 mile journey: to Final destination on the West coast of Latin America, for a renowned Power Transmission utility.

We at YASH specialise in offering custom engineered bushings solutions to meet the non-standard requirements of the end users be it in terms of the special termination arrangements, special mounting arrangements, non standard BCT space and oil end length requirements etc thereby providing a ONE STOP SOLUTION for TRANSFORMER BUSHINGS.

Quality has been one of the key focus areas of YASH make 145 kV OIP Condenser Bushings. Time and again our products are put to the test in most critical conditions, whether it is in the test field or in extreme service conditions.

Our products have proven themselves several times in the most stringent of tests whether tested stand alone or with the transformer.

One such recent achievement was successful performance of YASH make 145 kV OIP bushings during short circuit testing of 160 MVA transformer of a reputed Indian Transformer OEM.

Heavy Industries such as Steel, Cement, others which rely on continuous bulk production round the clock have a critical need of continuous power supply. A transformer bushing being a critical component in the power supply chain can cause major disruption and heavy production losses during breakdowns.

A renowned Steel Industry having a major captive power plant in the eastern part of India experienced one such emergency breakdown of the existing LV high current bushings on their Generator step up transformers and approached YASH to offer an urgent retrofit solution to the existing imported make bushing.

Within record times YASH could design, develop, manufacture and supply a ditto interchangeable Copper condenser bushing of 36 kV 16000 Ampere which is now operational at the Steel plant.

In 2020, YASH made major addition of a brand new autoclave system with fully automatic vacuum drying and oil impregnation cycle management for OIP condenser cores processing, in addition to the existing autoclaves. This doubled the annual capacity for condenser core impregnation to about 8000 units total.

YASH has been a pioneer in providing custom made and specially designed solutions across the Industry, be it the Transformer OEMs or directly to the end users such as Generating/Transmission Substations.

There are many products in service which are either near the end of their service life or have developed some deficiencies and require replacement, however the end users face challenges as the original supplier have either discontinued those designs or have all together exited the market.

We recently executed one such high current bushing order, the design of which has now been obsoleted by the original bushing manufacturer. The end user which is a Nuclear Power Generating Substation welcomed this ditto interchangeable 5500 A High Current bushing with customised connectors by YASH which gave an extended life to their old transformer by replacing the existing bushing.

In the true spirit of “Made In India For The World”, YASH High voltage is proud to announce another successful supply of a specialised 36 kV 16000 A high current bushing solution this time for a Combined Cycle gas turbine power plant around 9000 miles away.

YASH, being an independent manufacturer solely focussing on transformer bushings, YASH possesses the ability to offer flexible and highly customizable solutions to all customers alike be it the Transformer OEMs or the end users and power developers. Whether the requirement is for a few bushings or for many, the lean and responsive team at YASH is able to cater them with an equal conviction and attention while keeping costs well optimised to provide a niche competitive edge to customers in Industry best lead times.

Yash is proud to announce availability of it's brand new OIP condenser bushing range as per IEEE - from 25kV upto 161 kV Voltages, in addition to the well established IEC product range from 24kV upto 170kV.

We are happy to add another supply reference of 69 kV 800A 534BCT OIP Condenser bushings as per IEEE C57.19.00/01 standard for a transformer customer in the AMERICAs.

Tribute to the inspirational Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative, with our premium range of bushings manufactured right here in India, we invite inquiries of global transformer manufacturers exporting to the USA/LATAM/Canadian/European/African/Middle Eastern/GCC/South East Asia and other markets where you require IEEE/IEC style OIP condenser bushings. These products are available in brown/grey porcelain or grey polymeric silicon hollow insulators, suited as per the customer requirement.

YASH is thankful to M/s. Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. (BHEL), a Navratna PSU’s for the honour and the prestigious award of BEST SUPPLIER in Category of “IMPORT SUBSTITUTION UNDER MAKE IN INDIA INITIATIVE” for localized development and supply of innovative Resin Impregnated Paper (RIP) transformer bushings under technology from Moser Glaser (MGC) – Switzerland.

We as YASH Highvoltage are humbled to have received this award and the trust of the country’s premier PSU and shall continue in pursuit of excellence going forward.


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